NEW ALBUM RELEASE: Trick Or Treat Songs
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Sophia Rosado

Eric & John Rosado

Jay Jay E

"Jazzy" Jahzara Pacurar

Prof. David Musial & Jay Jay E!

Who: One World Artists NextGen Stars® production

What: "TRICK OR TREAT SONGS", a New Halloween Album of 13 Original songs and a Soundscape

Where: Jersey City, NJ

Why: To celebrate the holiday with composer/performers ages 4-15

When: October 30, 2019 on Digital Distribution

CONTACT: One World Artists Management
Prof. David Musial
cel 917-626-5956


Fourteen students of Professor David Musial created 13 songs and a scary soundscape based on Halloween themes. They made music videos around the Jersey City area for seven of the songs. The album will be released via CD Baby for digital downloads and Streaming on the Eve of Halloween! This past Sunday four of the artists performed some of their songs at the sold-out JC Families "SPOOKTACUAR" in the Harborside Atrium by Exchange Place, in downtown Jersey City. The performers learn to play the keyboard, how to make instrumental track arrangements, how to sing in a studio and on stage, and then how to make a music video all with the same device their parents say makes them "addicted to video games": their smartphones and tablets! Our team has been approved to be in the biggest parade in America: The New York City Halloween Parade!

The project started in the mid-1990s when Musial worked on an album in his SkyRoom Studio, (which is perched on top one of the HiRises in Newport), for the late "Drew's Famous" Jersey City record company. It was called  "Halloween Party Music". It hit the Billboard charts many times and went beyond platinum in sales. Musial worked on many Halloween albums for them and then decided to compose the song "Trick or Treat". It was recorded by a few acts but the dynamic Latino sibling act Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina, who enjoyed the most success. Musial produced a music video with them when they were in middle school! "Darth Blade" was created in this period as well.

Flash forward to 2012, Musial decided to create official names for his concepts, which he recently received registered U.S. Trademarks: MusicTech Kids®, MusicTech Teens® as curriculums, and the outcomes as music videos are under the name NextGen Stars®. So when he shows college students how to teach the younger talents, he selects "themes" and the past few years hey focused on Halloween as one of the main ventures. Professor Musial teaches his classes in his SkyRoom Studio and the parents or grandparents are constantly entertained with the process.  Each student-turn-artist has its own unique story. 

Krish just turned 4 and he wants to be a "dinosaur" for Halloween called "Alex the Boo" so this inspired hs song title they composed 4 weeks ago "Boo Boo I Got You!" He recorded the vocals in less than one hour. His grandparents filmed it to prove it to his mom & dad in utter amazement! Jahzara "Jazzy" just turned 5. She is a model for "Gerber" (foods clothing) and for "Toys-'R'-Us". (Her mommy N'Kenge is a Broadway Star who has also performed in the White House and in Carnegie Hall). Jazzy is Spunky and for her 5th birthday Professor Musial composed with her "I'm A Spunky Pumpkin" in a big JAZZ band style! We filmed her music video at the 14th Street Garden Center Pumpkin patch last week! Annie (8) and Izzie (4) Johnson composed and recorded 9 songs with Professor Musial and 3 were turned into music videos. The day we filed "We Love Halloween" in Hamilton Park, also happened to be the same day the city had the children's Halloween parade. It was a blast making this video! Viren is 6 and a month ago he did not know what to be this year which sparked his title "What Should I Be?". Sophia is the star of a made-for-TV children's comedy "The Mermaid Mysteries (scheduled for a summer 2020 release). It's al about "Ghosts of Mermaids" on the Jersey Shore and Coney Island! She was in the 2019 Coney Island Mermaid Parade and she has 2 songs on the album: "I'm Not A Ghost" and "The Mermaid Dance".  Jay Jay E is now 12, but at age 11 he composed with Musial "The Pumpkin Monster" and "Jump Scares". Most of the first song was filmed in the 2018 NYC Halloween Parade and on Friday the 13th under a Full Moon this September in Jersey City!  The music video for the second was filmed around the Hamilton Park area and on the SkyRoom Studio roof-top terrace. (The park will never be the same LOL!)  The Zombie Dance is made by a mystical  6-year old who loves video games! the Dead Dude Dance was composed by a 13-year-old nicknamed "Drakula D" (Alliteration to the max!) Eric and John Rosado at 14 (now 15), composed You Scare Me for the movie they co-star in as a statement to their sister Sophia, (who they think is a "ghost"). The Rosados have performed shows in parades and on festival stages where over 2 Million people attended the past 15 months! Now 7 record producers have come forward to produce their first full solo album, all because of MusicTech Kids®


Watch the music videos here.

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Trick Or Treat
We Love Halloween
The Pumpkin Monster
You Scare Me
I’m Not A Ghost
I’m A Spunky Pumpkin
Boo Boo I Got You!
What Should I Be?
Darth BladerZombie Dance
Mermaid Dance
Dead Dude Dance
Jump Scares