Updated 10/30/19
This album was created by David Musial, and award-winning Music Video Professor, Composer, Producer and Music Video Director who LOVES Halloween and Cartoons. David is also a cartoon character in many animated shows, he has created dozens of character voices and has scored music for lots of cartoons and video games too. David also loved roller skating as a kid and in early high school, most of his friends hung out at the “Orchard Park, NY” Roller Rink near the Buffalo Bills Football Stadium. The DJ’s would spin the best classic and hottest new songs, which inspired the composition of some of the songs on the album.

The song “Trick Or Treat” was created because one day David needed to find one by this title to teach a kid a music lesson, and he simply could not find one! So he thought about all kinds of crazy movies and sitcoms, and the lyrics “bubbled” up! David’s first vinyl album he ever bought were of Halloween Haunted House Sound Effects. David turned his little back yard into a “haunted space” every Halloween as a child. He loved the fun of costumes and he was scared of ghosts and monsters too! In the late 1990’s a Halloween album he worked on and mastered went platinum and hit the Billboard Charts. His Halloween Sound Effects Album has been re-packaged so many times that it is beyond Gold and it’s “Scary” to tell how far it went beyond Platinum.
Manny & Joy “MJ” Medina were a dynamic Brother & Sister team David met and started developing when they were just 6 & 8 years old! The recorded many songs and traveled the nation well into their late teens. In their early 20’s they performed their award-winning hits at the 25 Anniversary of the famous Red Ribbon Rally in Washington. Manny is on a song that got an Emmy for Violence Education for the U.S. Department of Education which won an Emmy Award for MTV! Joy performed an anthem dedicated to U.S. Soldiers on an Aircraft Carrier in NYC on Live National Radio. Together they toured the nation as featured performers for the Manhattan Model Search and they hosted over 100 episodes of their own live NYC TV Show! Manny & Joy have voiced many cartoon character voices also in “The Yokies”, “Baydog” and the “Mad Screen Box”. Joy recently co-hosted a NextGen Stars® TV Show in the NYC area.

Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic 15 & 3/4-year-old (14 at the time of the recording), twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys and Trumpet (John) and Drums (Eric). They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12 (born in 2002), when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids®" training program and their spunky little 4 year old sister "tags along" sometimes. By age 5 they invited her (as good bros should, to join in a few tracks LOL!) The teens are involved in several music videos and are working on a full album, and a 45 minute "set". During the summer of 2017, they traveled to the boardwalks of EVERY major beach town on the Jersey Shore from Cape May, Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park to Coney Island and the "Mermaid Parade" (they did not go, the film crew did due to the "rating" of the participants), but they did go twice to the boardwalk and filmed a "MOVIE" about the making of their Music Video "The Mermaid Dance". It is in postproduction at the moment and the NextGen Stars Production Company is planning a Spring 2019 Release! In the winter of 2018 Eric & John both submitted 2 video demos to compete to perform in the most famous Music Performance Arena, Madison Square Garden! The Rosados helped to compose an Anthem they call "PROUD TO BE... PUERTO RICAN & AMERICAN", and it premiered in the Bronx Fest (apx 20,000 attended the festival) , the stat of the NATIONAL Puerto Rican Day Parade (where over 1,000,000 attended) and then at the Jersey City July 4th fest (where over 150,000 people attended. The famous rapper "Snoop Dogg" closed the show on the same stage! So the Rosaods were on stage for well over 200,000 people in the summer of 2018 alone! 2019???
Sophia Rosado is real zesty “spitfire”! First of all she is sincerely adorable, sweet & charming but DO NOT PUSH HER BUTTON! (Eric or John… LOL) She sings, acts, dances and even writes lyrics which was noticed at just 4 years old. Now at 6 she is co-starring in a Movie about “Ghosts & Mermaids”, stars in her own Music Video “I’m Not A Ghost”, and has been on stages for thousands already with the amazing Carol Lester aka the “Bubble Queen, and also Puerto Rican festivals including the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC!

“Jazzy” Jahzara Pacurar (5) is the daughter of the legendary Broadway star’N’Kenge”, and she has grown up on .concert stages all over America. She is a model for “Gerber Foods” clothing and also for “Toys-‘R’-Us”. Her first session with Prof. David was with the amazing Carol Lester, who is sometimes known as “The Bubble Queen”. They made a music video and it’s called “Snowflake, Snowflake 1-2-3”. She is also in the zany comedy about a true story that happened in the shopping mall next to her home “The Easter Bunny Got Busted!” And then Professor David composes the song in her first MusicTech Kids session “I Love Lime Green Dresses & Purple Pop Rocks!” For her fifth birthday, Prof. David drafted a song about her zesty personality and she contributed to the melody in the vocal booth and then they went off and made this hilarious music video titled “I’m A Spunky Pumpkin”!

Jay Jay E! is a dynamically talented Singer/Songwriter/Actor, Keyboardist & Guitarist who loves Football and Videogames! At age 10 & 1/2 he began his venture at MusicTech kids® One day he came in for his regular Saturday morning lesson and on the sky room studio rooftop terrace there was about 3 inches of fresh powder snow and the 15 foot high spruce pine trees are covered with it. Humidity open the door and started shaking the snow off the trees and said “I want to play in the snow”. Prof. David thought “how in the world am I going to teach this kid piano lessons went in Jersey City we really get any snow.” you guessed it they compose and shot a music video before it melted titled “I Wanna Play In The Snow”

A week before the 2019 “Super Bowl”, prof. DAVID realized that four of his students preferred the sport of soccer over American football, but Jay Jay was obsessed with football! so this dynamic team composed a comedic song “The Super Bowl Sucks” and they shot a music video that was released five minutes before the game aired and most people said that the game “sucked“!

A week before the 2019 “Super Bowl”, prof. DAVID realized that four of his students preferred the sport of soccer over American football, but Jay Jay was obsessed with football! so this dynamic team composed a comedic song “The Super Bowl Sucks” and they shot a music video that was released five minutes before the game aired and most people said that the game “sucked“! One day in August knowing that the student was half Chinese and half Irish Prof. David asked a student what is the most famous thing to come out of his dad’s heritage country of “Ireland“, and expecting “leprechauns“ he surprisingly says “potatoes“!! Hmm? Prof. David asked him what is his “favorite food when he leaves his studio every week and goes to the Irish named fast-food joint… “McDonald’s”? He quickly blurted out “french fries “. DAVID VAN question “shouldn’t they be called Irish fries?” With complete laughter, they panned the song “My Irish Eye’s Are Smiling”! Prof. Musial arranged for Jay Jay do you have his first piano and singing performance on a public stage and it happened at the annual Jersey City Irish festival near the Statue of Liberty with the World Trade Center as a backdrop to his stage! Jay Jay just performed his two songs in his album “The Pumpkin Monster” & “Juno Scares” at the sold-out “JC Families” 2019 “Spooktacular”


This album introduces the musical world to the lovely, witty and comical sister act “Annie (8) & Izzie (4)” Johnson with the song they helped to compose “WE LOVE HALLOWEEN”! Annette & Elizabeth Johnson have been working with Prof. Musial for 2 years. There are in a music video for Carol Lester (a.k.a. The Bubble Queen) produced by Musial titled “Snow Flake 1,2 3”. You can see it on YouTube. They have performed on stage with the Bubble Queen on many occasions as part of there “Royal Bubble Pops!”. Prof. Musial has already composed the songs “We Love Swimming” and “Let’s Ski On Camel Backs” with them the past few months. These delightful girls show great promise and we hope you sing along with them on this fun song!

Viren Likhi (6) began his music tech kids lessons with Prof. David at the age of five. He retains the keyboard performance skills very well and one question what does he want to be this year for Halloween… He did not know? The outcome is his first song and music video “What Should I Be?” On October 29, 2019, in one hour he filmed his first Music Video for this song n front of a Jersey City Police Station dressed in his costume of choice a "POLICE OFFICER", and he was not, now was his Daddy & Professor David Arrested! LOL!
Krish Wadhawan (4) began his lessons with Prof. David in the MusicTech Kid program at the age of three. He has created a new definition for the word “zesty“! His bright eyes and quick-witty verbal skills is a natural quality in the creation of his first song “Boo Boo I Got You”! He’s passionate about his Halloween costume character “Alex The Boo”. His parents project the image of the GarageBand software from his iPad onto the living room wall in his home and this is how the boy is learning music in a high-tech world!
Kevin Chang (12) started lessons with Professor DAVID a few years ago and loves being “behind-the-scenes of the music world“. He’s a champion chess player and one day he asked Prof. David “did you know that chess is a violent game“ as his mom burst into laughter and Prof. David bites his tongue and tries not to giggle, and also knowing Kevin‘s brilliant intellect certainly questioned back: “ why would you say that Kevin“ and his response was that he must protect his castle against the bad knights and he must protect his queen! The outcome is a sound the wrote together titled “It’s My Castle”, and a team of his other students joined in making the music video at the big castle in Central Park and also at the large life-size chessboard in Liberty State Park! Kevin has made a music video about skiing at Camelback ski resort and also one with the group about the fad the “fidget spinners”! Kevin makes a spooky cameo appearance and one of the songs in this album to be announced!
We also are introduced another superstar discovered and is in training by Prof. David Musial. He is Maciej Part, and he sings a cameo on the album.! Prof. Musial was asked by his parents to start teaching him Piano & Pipe Organ at the age of 6. (Maciej said he was “7” because in his Polish culture, he was in his seventh year!) Ironically this is the age David started studying music. The day Maciej and his wonderful family stepped in to Musial’s famous “SkyRoom Studios”, the boy thought he was in a VIDEO GAME PARADISE!!! His “passion” for “zombies” in video games caused him to dance around (or it was too much sugar, LOL) and it inspired David to compose this song for him. It encouraged him to practice so much that before he was actually 7, Maciej played a grand piano and sang a hymn in Polish in his church near the Statue of Liberty! Musial and family went on to film a 13 episode NextGen Stars TV TV show demonstrating how Prof. Musial can teach a young star though his expertise in Music Technology. The series completes with a Music Video for this song filmed in Ultra HD as we see the boy receive a symbolic “Light Saber” conductor’s baton Musial acquired at a rare concert in the Hollywood Bowl. It was with his orchestral modern-day idol “John Williams” with the L.A. Symphony Orchestra with Director J.J. Abrams present, as we watched him play the score to scenes of Star Wars & David’s favorite “E.T.”! Ironically one week before Prof. Musial started teaching Maciej how to play the theme to “Star Wars” on keyboards, Musial did not know he would receive this as a birthday gift. So we see Maciej get the “Music Torch” passed on! The Sunday before this album was published, 10/2/16, Maciej tried to play “Star Wars” on the Pipe Organ in church. Prof. Musial suggested “Amazing Grace” instead! Kids these days! LOL



Carol Lester's newest CD "Bubble Queen- Bubble Birthday Party Pop" launched at the Hoboken Art & Music Festival,on Sunday May 1st, 2016 Ms Lester, an award winning folk songwriter, was signed to the One World Artists label for CD "ABC Sing With Me!" and her latest children's collection of classical, original, traditional & personalized Bubble-Fest delights. MAny of the talents on thisalbum, assist her on stages as her "Royal Bubble Pops"!

Timmy Cudmore is also known as the “King Fish Man” and already has over 100 songs out which he composed, sang, played the guitars & bass! Wow! His song “A Haunted Fishing Hole” scares all the others away, so this is how he became the “King”. Timmy is also a cartoon character voice in the “Mad Screen Box” video game!

Angelo Cerrone sang the National Anthem for the 150th Anniversary of Baseball, arranged & recorded by David Musial, in Hoboken, NJ. Angelo won 1st place in the State of New Jersey for Acting. He has sung at thousands of masses and weddings in the NYC/Tri-State area. Angelo created 3 lead cartoon voices in the “Baydog” cartoon series. In 1998, Angelo sang at Frank Sinatra’s public Memorial Service in Hoboken, where he closed with his famous song “My Way”. Musial recorded this performance and released in on the 100th Birthday Celebration of Sinatra in 2015!
  Darlene Edwards sang the opening awards theme for the national Gabriel Awards and has appeared on countless TV Shows.

Enjoy this album

Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mastering, Sound Designer, Keyboard Synthesist, Graphic Art Design: Prof DAVID MUSIAL

Recorded in SkyRoom Studios, Jersey City/NYC Harbor

A Haunted Fishing Hole composed, sung and all guitars & bass by Timmy Cudmore the King Fish Man. Recorded in SkyRoom Studios North, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Mixed and Masters in SkyRoom Studios

In Line Boy co-produced by the multi-platinum Steve Clark in Germany. Mixed and Masters in SkyRoom Studios

David Musial, MJ Medina, Timmy Cudmore appear courtesy of One World Artists Management

©2016-2019 NextGen Stars® Music Publishing ASCAP

©1993-2016 OneWam Music, BMI
(p)1993-2016 One World Artists, LLC